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Alex Sack Bat MItzvah Candle Lighting - You Tube video

Bar Mitzvah DVD Video Candle Lighting

Josh Diskin Bar Mitzvah Candle Lighting Boca Point Country Club
Boca Raton, Florida

You Tube Video
Alex Sack Bat MItzvah Candle Lighting - You Tube video

Sample Bar/Bat Mitzvah Poems


I really love my big brother, although he can be quite a pain. At times he is so annoying, I think I might go insane Sam just got his license, and the folks just bought him a car. Frankly, I'm thrilled; it keeps him away.  I love him when he is afar. My brother and I are spirited; we'll compete till the bitter end But it's all in fun, I love you Rick, you're my brother and my best friend.

Aunt Lucy

My great Aunt Lucy’s so stylish, and our fashion sense is the same. We love to talk about jewelry and clothes; she knows every designer by name. We've always been so very close; on you I can depend. You're more than just an aunt to me; you are my special friend. You love to tell of the day I was born, when you were the first to see me. Please come up and be with me now, I love you so much, Aunt Lucy

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 Bar Mitzvah Client Movies  top
  1. Brett & Lexi Ludwig B'nai Mitzvah 4-28-12 Broken Sound - Boca Raton, Florida
  2. Wesley Foster Bar Mitzvah 11-12-11 The Alexander Hotel - Miami Beach, Florida
  3. Zachary Bregman Bar Mitzvah 11-12-11 Delray Golf & Country Club - Delray Beach, Florida
  4. Alex Lawson Bar Mitzvah 10-29-11 Pelican Yacht Club - Fort Pierce, Florida
  5. Ryan Price Bar Mitzvah 10-29-11 Vineyards Country Club - Naples, Florida
  6. Luke Haber Bar Mitzvah 5-21-11 Boca Raton Country Club - Boca Raton, Florida
  7. Taylor McCart Bat Mitzvah 4-16-11 Bird Key Yacht Club - Sarasota, Florida
  8. Reese Spector Bar Mitzvah 4-3-11 Jacaranda Country Club - Plantation, Florida
  9. Marisa Bregg Bat Mitzvah 4-2-11 Michaels On East - Sarasota, Florida
  10. Sami Lev Bat Mitzvah 2-20-11 The Loft At Congress - Boca Raton, Florida
  11. Matthew Bray Bar Mitzvah 2-12-11 Benvenuto's Catering, Delray Beach, Florida
  12. Jake Leon Bar Mitzvah 2-5-11 Aventura Jewish Center - Aventura, Florida
  13. Sydney Koffman Bat Mitzvah 1-29-11 Michaels On East - Sarasota, Florida
  14. Jordan Auerbach Bar Mitzvah 1-29-11 Ellies 50's Diner - Delray Beach, Florida
  15. Zachary Grossman Bar Mitzvah 11-20-10 Temple B'nai Torah - Boca Raton, Florida
  16. Ariel Desler Bar Mitzvah 11-13-10 Aventura Jewish Center - Aventura, Florida
  17. Jake Markman Bar Mitzvah 11-6-10 Palma Ceia Country Club - Tampa, Florida
  18. Jake Hopen Bar Mitzvah 10-16-10Club M&MPLEX - Hallandale Beach, Florida
  19. Stephen Yaffe Bar Mitzvah 10-9-10Yaffe Mansion - Tampa, Florida
  20. Hunter Yagoda Bar Mitzvah 10-9-10 Ocala Hilton - Ocala, Florida
  21. Dana Musso 13th Birthday Party 10-8-10Ragtops, Club La Salle - West Palm Beach, Florida
  22. Ilana Goldstein Bat Mitzvah 9-25-10Grey Oaks Country Club - Naples, Florida
  23. John Ostuw Bar Mitzvah 7-24-10Shores Resort - Daytona Beach, Florida
  24. Jared Nicholas Bar Mitzvah 6-5-10Quail Ridge Country Club - Boynton Beach, Florida
  25. Owen Brahms Bar Mitzvah 5-21-10Temple Bet Breira - Miami, Florida
  26. Michael Adler Bar Mitzvah 5-15-10Fête Catering & Ballroom - Lakewood Ranch, Florida
  27. Marla Manes Bat Mitzvah 5-8-10Temple Dor Dorim - Weston, Florida
  28. Danielle Klein Bat Mitzvah 5-2-10The Venue - Saint Petersburg, Florida
  29. Starr Mandell Bat Mitzvah 4-24-10Hyatt Regency Hotel - Sarasota, Florida
  30. Ian & Alicia Lowenstein B'nai Mitzvah 4-17-10Indian Spring Country Club - Boynton Beach, Florida
  31. Jami Rubin Bat Mitzvah 3-20-10Temple Kol Tikvah - Parkland, Florida
  32. Jonathan Kimmel Bar Mitzvah 3-13-10Jacaranda Country Club - Plantation, Florida
  33. Sarah Karp Bat Mitzvah 2-27-10Michaels On East - Sarasota, Florida
  34. Gregory Wolf Bar Mitzvah 1-23-10Temple Bet Breira - Miami, Florida
  35. Natalie & Martina B'not Mitzvah 1-9-10 Club M&MPLEX - Hallandale Beach, Florida
  36. Marissa Radensky Bat Mitzvah 1-2-10The Boca Resort - Boca Raton, Florida
  37. Alexa Haves Bat Mitzvah 12-5-09Signature Grand - Davie, Florida
  38. Jenna & Nicole Nabridge B'not Mitzvah 11-14-09Temple Kol Tikvah - Parkland, Florida
  39. Jared Levine Bar Mitzvah 9-5-09The Players Club - Wellington, Florida
  40. Amanda Holtzman Bat Mitzvah Candle Lighting 8-29-09Signature Grand - Davie, Florida
  41. Christopher Gersten Bar Mitzvah 6-6-09The Players Club - Wellington, Florida
  42. Benjamin Vaisberg Bar Mitzvah Kids Party 5-30-09Club M&MPLEX - Hallandale Beach, Florida
  43. Julian Sucher Bar Mitzvah 5-24-09Boca West Country Club - Boca Raton, Florida
  44. Brittnay Edelmann Bat Mitzvah 4-18-09Boca West Country Club - Boca Raton, Florida
  45. Coley Pollak Kids Party 4-3-09Aventura, Florida
  46. Taylor Star Bat Mitzvah 2-15-09Hyatt Pier 66 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  47. Abby Ross Bat Mitzvah 2-14-09Heron Bay Marriott - Coral Springs, Florida
  48. Jenna Berman Bat Mitzvah 2-7-09Temple Beth AM - Jupiter, Florida
  49. Jessie Brown Bat Mitzvah 1-31-09Signature Grand - Davie, Florida
  50. Kendall Greenberg Bat Mitzvah 1-17-09VooDoo Lounge - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  51. Chelsea Katz Bat Mitzvah 12-06-08Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center - Aventura, Florida
  52. Aaron Kupin Bar Mitzvah 11-22-08Boca Pointe Country Club - Boca Raton, Florida
  53. Kaili Akar Bat Mitzvah 11-1-08Temple Beth Shalom - Miami Beach, Florida
  54. Sarah Yaffe Bat Mitzvah 10-25-08The Yaffe Mansion - Tampa, Florida
  55. Danny Kimmel Bar Mitzvah 9-27-08The Signature Grand - Davie, Florida
  56. Taylor Karp Bat Mitzvah 9-20-08Michael's On East - Sarasota, Florida
  57. Ally Rosenblum Bat Mitzvah 8-31-08Temple Beth El - Boca Raton, Florida
  58. Eric Streimer Bar Mitzvah 8-30-08Beth Ahm Israel - Cooper City, Florida
  59. Josh Schneider BarMitzvah 6-7-08DiamondHead Beach Resort - Fort Myers Beach, Florida
  60. Madison Brodsky Bat Mitzvah 5-31-08Westshore Wyndam Intercontenental - Tampa, Florida
  61. Justin Macabi BarMitzvah 5-17-08Hyatt Hotel - Sarasota, Florida
  62. Marc Szasz Bar Mitzvah 5-3-08Vinoy Resort - Saint Petersburg, Florida
  63. Lindsay Goldman Bat Mitzvah 2-17-08Benvenuto Restaurant - Boynton Beach, Florida
  64. Royce Rose Bar Mitzvah 2-9-08Temple Beth David - Miami, Florida
  65. Austin Unger Bar Mitzvah 1-5-08Tampa Airport Marriott - Tampa, Florida
  66. Brandon Sack Bar Mitzvah 12-8-07Temple Beth Sholom - Sarasota, Florida
  67. Raphael Scheinberg Bar Mitzvah 11-24-07Hilton Hotel - Deerfield Beach, Florida
  68. Jason Tucker Bar Mitzvah 11-17-07Cafe Royal - London, England
  69. Ariel Mandelblum Bar Mitzvah 10-13-07Fred's Ballroom - Sarasota, Florida
  70. Joshua Levine Bar Mitzvah 9-29-07The Players Club - Wellington, Florida
  71. Jacob Ross Bar Mitzvah 9-1-07Boca Pointe Country Club - Boca Raton, Florida
  72. Alexandra Rogers Bat Mitzvah 8-18-07Brooks Restaurant - Deerfield Beach, Florida
  73. Hudson Tillett Bar Mitzvah 6-15-07Mitchell's Catering - Raleigh, North Carolina
  74. Brandon Smith Bar Mitzvah 5-19-07Pete's Grand Terrace - Boca Raton, Florida
  75. Rikki Waldman Bat Mitzvah 5-18-07The M&MPLEX - Hallandale Beach, Florida
  76. Samantha Klein Bat Mitzvah 5-5-07Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club - Palm Harbor, Florida
  77. Samantha Sadicario Bat Mitzvah 4-28-07Parkland Golf & Country Club - Parkland, Florida
  78. Eliza Barrocas Bat Mitzvah 4-14-07Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel, Florida
  79. Brandon Haas Bar Mitzvah 3-24-07Parkland Golf & Country Club - Parkland, Florida
  80. Topaz Dagan Bat Mitzvah 2-10--07Breakers West - Palm Beach, Florida
  81. Geena Kandel Bat Mitzvah 1-20-07Temple Shalom - Naples, Florida
  82. Samuel Berk Bar Mitzvah 1-13-07Temple Bet Shira - Miami, Florida
Florida Bar Mitzvah Party Locations  top
  1. Have a kids party at Club M&Mplex - Hallandale, Florida
  2. Delray Golf & Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Delray Beach, Florida
  3. Broken Sound Bar Mitzvahs - Boca Raton, Florida
  4. Alexander Hotel Bar Mitzvahs - Miami Beach, Florida
  5. Pelican Yacht Club Bar Mitzvahs - Fort Pierce, Florida
  6. Vineyards Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Naples, Florida
  7. Boca Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Boca Raton, Florida
  8. Wycliffe Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Wellington, Florida
  9. The Loft At Congress Bar Mitzvahs - Boca Raton, Florida
  10. Ellies 50's Diner Bar Mitzvahs - Delray Beach, Florida
  11. Temple B'nai Torah Bar Mitzvahs - Boca Raton, Florida
  12. Temple Judea Bar Mitzvahs - Coral Gables, Florida
  13. Ocala Hilton Bar Mitzvahs - Ocala, Florida
  14. Palma Ceia Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Tampa, Florida
  15. Ragtops - Club La Salle Bar Mitzvahs- West Palm Beach, Florida
  16. Grey Oaks Country Club Bar Mitzvahs- Naples, Florida
  17. Quail Ridge Country Club Bar Mitzvahs- Boynton Beach, Florida
  18. Embassy Suites Bar Mitzvahs- Deerfield Beach, Florida
  19. Lakeside Terrace Bar Mitzvahs- Boca Raton, Florida
  20. Hyatt Regency Bar Mitzvahs- Sarasota, Florida
  21. Heron Bay Marriott Bar Mitzvahs- Coral Springs, Florida
  22. The Omphoy Ocean Resort Bar Mitzvahs- Palm Beach, Florida
  23. Embassy Suites Bar Mitzvahs- Orlando, Florida
  24. Universal Studio's Bar Mitzvahs- Orlando, Florida
  25. Temple Bet Breira Bar Mitzvahs- Miami, Florida
  26. Temple Kol Tikvah Bar Mitzvahs- Parkland, Florida
  27. Pavilion Grille Bar Mitzvahs- Boca Raton, Florida
  28. Westin Harbour Island Bar Mitzvahs- Tampa, Florida
  29. Marco Island Marriott Bar Mitzvahs- Marco Island, Florida
  30. Crowne Plaza Bar Mitzvahs- Hollywood Beach, Florida
  31. Mizner Country Club Bar Mitzvahs- Delray Beach, Florida
  32. Ritz Carlton Bar Mitzvahs- Palm Beach, Florida
  33. Boca Resort Bar Mitzvahs - Boca Raton, Florida
  34. Boca West Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Boca Raton, Florida
  35. National Croquet Center Bar Mitzvahs - West Palm Beach, Florida
  36. Deerfield Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Deerfield Beach, Florida
  37. Temple Beth Am Bar Mitzvahs - Jupiter, Florida
  38. Four Seasons Bar Mitzvahs - Miami, Florida
  39. Aventura Jewish Center Bar Mitzvahs - Aventura, Florida
  40. Benvenuto Bar Mitzvahs - Boynton Beach, Florida
  41. Parkland Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Parkland, Florida
  42. The Players Club Bar Mitzvahs - Wellington, Florida
  43. Temple Beth Torah Bar Mitzvahs - Aventura, Florida
  44. Ocean Club Key Biscayne Bar MItzvahs - Key Biscayne, Florida
  45. Renaissance Boca Raton Bar Mitzvahs - Boca Raton, Florida
  46. Breakers West Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - West Palm Beach, Florida
  47. Jacaranda Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Plantation, Florida
  48. Colonial Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Fort Myers, Florida
  49. Saint Andrews Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Boca Raton, Florida
  50. Inverrary Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Lauderhill, Florida
  51. Woodfield Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Boca Raton, Florida
  52. Temple Beth El Bar Mitzvahs - Boca Raton, Florida
  53. La Gorce Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Miami Beach, Florida
  54. Signature Grand Bar Mitzvahs - Davie, Florida
  55. Hard Rock Bar Mitzvahs - Hollywood, Florida
  56. Michael's On East Bar Mitzvahs - Sarasota, Florida
  57. Long Boat Key Club Bar Mitzvahs - Sarasota, Florida
  58. Temple Dor Dorim Bar Mitzvahs - Weston, Florida
  59. Temple Beth Emet Bar Mitzvahs - Cooper City, Florida
  60. Indian Springs Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Boynton Beach, Florida
  61. Boca Dunes Country Club Bar Mitzvahs - Boca Raton, Florida
  62. Hilton Hotel Bar Mitzvahs - Nationwide
  63. Blue Ridge Camp
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  3. The Bar Mitzvah Ceremony
  4. When To Hire Bar Mitzvah DJ
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  21. Judaism Resources
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Bar Mitzvah Candle Lighting Songs
Candle Lighting Poems

Candle Lighting Song List
The following is a list of suggested songs for your candlelighting ceremony. You can use one of the suggested songs or choose one that is not on our list.
Songs for Memorial Candles
"Memory" Theme from Cats-Barbara Streisand
"Somewhere Out There"- James Ingram
"I Will Always Love You"-Whitney Houston
"Memories"-Elvis Presley
"One Sweet Day"- Mariah Carey
Songs for Grandparents
"You Light Up My Life"-Debby Boone
"You Are The Sunshine of My Life"-Stevie Wonder
"La Chaim" (To Life)-Fiddler on the Roof
"Sunrise, Sunset"-Fiddler on the Roof
"Traditon"-Fiddler on the Roof
"In the Mood"-Glenn Miller
"Through the Years"-Kenny Rogers
"Can't Smile Without You-Barry Manilow
"You Are"-Richie Lionel
"The Best of Times"-La Cage Aux Folles
"I Got you Babe"-Sonny & Cher
"Heart"(You Gotta Have Heart)-Damn Yankees
"You Make Me So Very Happy"-
"Forever Young"-Rod Stewart
"Times of Your Life"-Paul Anka
"I'm So Excited"-The Pointer Sisters
"Have I Told You Lately"-Rod Stewart
"I'll Be There"-Mariah Carey or Jacksons version
"As Time Goes By"-Jimmy Durante
Songs for Aunts and Uncles
"We Are Family"-Sister Sledge
"Hot Hot Hot"-Buster Poindexter
"Land of 1000 Dances"(Na, Na, Na, Na,...)Wilson Pickett
"I Just Called To Say I Love You"-Stevie Wonder (esp for an aunt that always calls the house)
"I Wanna Have Some Fun"-Samantha Fox
"Respect"-Aretha Franklin
"Ease On Down The Road"-Michael Jackson & Diana Ross
"I Say A Little Prayer"-Dionne Warwick
"Silly Love Song" (I Love You)-Wings
"Let's Have A Good Time"-Kool & The Gang
"Let The Good Times Roll"
"Let's Hang On"-Four Seasons
"Boogie Down"-Al Jarreau
"Takin' Care of Business"-BTO (good for people that work alot)
"You Make My Dreams Come " True-Hall & Oates
"Do You Believe In Magic"-Loving Spoonful
"Love Will Keep Us Together"Captain & Tenille
"Happy Together"-The Turtles
"It's Not Unusual"-Tom Jones
"Let Your Love Flow-"Bellamy Brothers
"Where's The Party"-Madonna
"Good Times" (these are the good times)-Chic
"Celebration"-Kool & The Gang
"I Love The Nightlife"-Alicia Bridges
"Never Gonna Give You Up"-Rick Ashley
"I Think I Love You"-The Partridge Family
"Hot Stuff"-Donna Summers
"Love Machine"(I'm just a love machine-Miracles
"Still The One"-Orleans
"More Today Than Yesterday"-Spiral Staircase
"Nice To Be With You"
"If My Friends Could See Me Now"-Linda Clifford (also good for a "friends" candle)
"It's A Family Affair"-Sly & The Family Stone
"Bad Case of loving You"-Robert Palmer (also good for doctor friends)
"Oh Whatta Night" (December 63)-Four Seasons
"Put A Little Love in Your Heart"-Al Greene
"How Sweet It Is" (to be loved by you)-Marvin Gaye or James Taylor
"Bang The Drum All Day"-Todd Rundgren
"Nobody But Me"-Human Beinz
"Groove Me"-King Floyd
"You Never Can Tell"-Chuck Berry (from the movie Pulp Fiction; twist contest)
"Night Fever"-Bee Gees (from the movie "Saturday Night Fever")
Songs for Cousins
(can also use songs from "Aunts & Uncles, or any other category)
"It's A Sunshine Day"-The Brady Bunch
"Good Lovin'"-The Young Rascals
"Walkin' On Sunshine"-Katrina & The Waves
"Dating Game Theme"-Herb Albert
"Rock -n- Roll All Night"- Kiss
"What I Like About You"-The Romantics
"Hold My Hand"-Hootie & The Blowfish
Songs for Friends
"That’s What Friends Are For" - Dionne Warwick & Friends
"That’s What Friends Are For" - (Hart to Hart’s new high powered dance version)
"Friends"(You Gotta Have Friends)-Bette Midler
"With A Little Help From My Friends"-Beatles or Joe Cocker
"You’re A Friend Of Mine"-Clarence Clemons
"I'll Be There"-Mariah Carey
"What About Your Friends-TLC
"You're My Best Friend-Queen
"Still A Friend Of Mine-Incognito
"You've Got A Friend-James Taylor or Carol King
"Boom, Boom, Boom"- The Outhere Brothers
"Closer To Free"-BoDeans (from T.V. show "Party of Five")
"Ain't Nothing But A She Thing"-Salt -n- Peper
"Lump"-Presidents of The United States
"I'll Be There For You"-Rembrants (Theme from Friends)
"We Go Together" from the movie Grease
"You've Got A Friend In Me"-Randy Newman from Toy Story
"Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda"- Comp Song
"My Friends"-Red Hot Chili Pepers
"These Are Days"- 10,000Maniacs
"Friend Like Me"-from the movie Aladdin
"Count on Me"-Whitney Houston & CeCE Winans (Waiting to Exhale)
"If I Ruled The World"-NAS
"Anytime You Need A Friend"-Mariah Carey
"Best Friend"-Brandy
"I Got A Girl"-Tripping Daisy (This song is for a boy to hisgirl friends)
"Whenever I Call You Friend"-Melissa Manchester
"Lean On Me"-
"Stand By Me"-Ben E. King
"We Go Together"-Grease
"We Will Rock You"-Queen
"We Are The Champions"-Queen
"Heal The World"-Michael Jackson
"We Are The World"-
"Teach Your Children"-Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
"Bad Boys" (whatcha gonna do)-Inner Circle (Cops Theme)
"Bad Boys"-Miami Sound Machine
"The Boys Are Back In Town"-Bus Boys
"The Boys Are Back In Town"-Thin Lizzy
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"-Cyndi Lauper
"Girls" (that’s what I really want)-Beastie Boys
"What’s Up" (what’s going on)-4 Non Blondes
"Kids In America"-The Muffs
Songs for Brothers
"1,2,3,4,"(Sumpin New)-Coolio
"Wild Thing"-The Throggs
"Bad to the Bone"-Tag Team
"Whoomp, There it Is"-Tag Team
"Whatta Man"-Salt & Pepa
"Soul Man"-Sam & Dave
"Macho Man"-Village Man
"I'm Too Sexy"-Right Said Fred
"I'm Gonna Be (I would walk 500 miles)"-Proclaimer
"Let's Hear It For The Boy"-Denise Williams
"Just Can't Wait To Be King"-The Lion King
"Rocky Theme" -Gonna Fly Now, (also good if you have a sister named Adrianne)
"Godfather Theme, "Speak Softly Love"-(also use for Italian friends
"Superman" Theme- (esp if very young, have dancers fly him in) 
Songs for Parents
"I Will Always Love You"-(new fast powerful, dance version) Sarah Washington
"I Will Always Love You"-(orginal slow version)-Whitney Houston
"As Long As We Got Each Other"-(Growing Pains Theme)
"I Love You"-Donna Summers
"Can You Feel It"-The Jacksons
"Everlasting Love"-Gloria Estefan
"Time To Remeber"-Billy Joel
"You Make My Dreams Come True"-Hall & Oates
"I'll Be There"-Mariah Carey
"I'll Stand By You"-The Pretenders
"Silly Love Songs"-Wings
"Together Forever"-Rick Astley
"Teach Your Children"-Crosby, Stills & Nash
"Your Mama Don't Dance"-Kenny Loggins
"We're Havin' A Party"-Rod Stewart or South Side Johnny
"Greatest Love Of All"-Whitney Houston
"Heaven Must Have Sent You"-Bonnie Pointer
"Not While I'm Around" (nothing's gonna harm you...) Barbara Streisand
"Through The Years"-Kenny Rogers
"Wind Beneath My Wings"-Bette Midler
"I Love You Always Forever"-Donna Lewis
"Your The Inspiration"-Chicago
"Hero"-Mariah Carey
"Can't Stop Lovin' You"-Van Halen
"Save The Best For Last"-Vanessa Williams
Songs for Sisters
"Pretty Woman"-Roy Orbinson or Van Halen
"Isn't She Lovely"-Stevie Wonder
"I Saw Her Standing There"-Beatles
"I'm Every Woman"-Whitney Houston or Chaka Kahn
"Wind Beneath My Wings"-Bette Midler
"Uptown Girl"-Billy Joel
"Born to Be Wild"-Steppenwolf
"More Than A Woman-Bee Gees
"Dating Game Theme"-Herb Albert (good for a sister who dates a lot, and aunt or uncle who isn't amrried)
"My Girl"-Temptations
"Baby Love"-The Supremes (esp if very young)
"The Sister Song"-Barney
"Do Wah Diddy" (there she was..)Manford Mann
"Most Beautiful Girl in The World"-Prince
"Miss America"-
"Just A Girl"-No Doubt
"Dancing Queen"-Abba
"Material Girl"-Madonna
"U Got the Look"-Prince
"Supermodel"-Jill Sobule (from movie Clueless)
"Foxy Lady"-Jimi Hendrix
"Whenever I Call You Friend"-Melissa Manchester
"Lean On Me"-Bill Withers, Club Nouveau
Songs for Guests of Honor
(the "Good Luck Candle")
"The Best (you're simply the best..)-Tina turner
"Happy Birthday"-Stevie Wonder
"Finally"-CeCe Penniston
"Here Comes the HotStepper"-Ini Kamoze
"I Feel Good"-James Brown (we also have a new high power dance version of this song power dance version of this song)
"I Wish"- Skee Lo
Songs for Tall People
"Short People"
Songs for People Who Sail
"Come Sail Away" - Styx
"Love Boat Theme
Gilligan’s Island Theme
Songs for People from Out of State (Friends and/or relatives)
"America"-Neil Diamond (esp if their from a foreign country)
Brooklyn: "No Sleep Til Brooklyn"-Beastie Boys
California: "California Dreaming"-Mamas & Papas
California-"California Girls"-Davis Lee Roth
California: "California Love"-2 Paac featuring Dr. Dre
Cincinatti: "Cinnicinati WKRP"-Theme from T.V. show
Cuba:"Cuba"-Gibson Brothers
Chicago:"My Kind of Town"-Frank Sinatra
Carolina:"Carolina On My Mind"-James Taylor
Los Angeles-"LA Law Theme" (good for lawyer friends)
Las Vegas:"Viva Las Vegas"-Elvis Presley
Manhattan:"Movin' On Up"-Theme from the Jeffersons
Miami:"Only In Miami"-Bette Midler
Miami:Miami Vice Theme
New Jersey:"Palisades Park"-Freddy Cannon
New York:"New York, New York"-Frank Sinatra
New York:"New York State of Mind"-Billy Joel
New Orleans:"Mardi Gras Music"
Philadelphia:"Streets Of Philadelphia"-Bruce Springsteen
San Fransisco:"San Francisco"-Village People
San Francisco:"I Left My Heart in San Francisco"-Tony Bennet
Texas-"Yellow Rose of Texas"
Tennesse-"Tennesse"-Aressted Development
Washington D.C.-"Stars & Stripes"
West: "The Joker "(some people call me a Space Cowboy)-Steve Miller
West: "Thank God I’m a Country Boy"-John Denver
Songs for Sports Fans
"Rock & Roll Part II"
"Monday Night Football Theme
"Go New York, Go New York Go"-Knicks Theme
"Sweet Georgia Brown"-Harlem Globtrotters Theme
"Take Me Out to The Ballgame"
"Centerfield"(put me in coach, I’m ready to play...)
"ESPN Sportscenter Theme"
"Sirius"-Chicago Bulls
Songs for Little Kids
"Go Go Power Rangers"-Power Rangers Theme
"I Love You"-Barney Theme
"Seasame Street Theme"
"Mr Roger’s Neighborhood" Theme
"Hakuna Matada"-Lion King
"Just Can’t Wait to Be King-Lion King
"Under The Sea"-Little Mermaid
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"-The Tokens (from the movie The Lion King)


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